About Psychotherapy

Why choose psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy benefits people who are struggling with emotional issues in their lives.  Often we become very restricted in our perspective on problems, and have difficulty finding the best solutions. Through supportive discussion, we can focus energy on building strength and personal esteem, develop a more accurate picture of your life, and become more effective and fulfilled in your daily pursuits, goals, and relationships.

When is therapy appropriate?

Therapy is much more than guidance and support through difficult times; it is also a pathway towards personal and spiritual growth. We all have many skills or talents that may not have been exercised to their fullest potential.

What can I expect from a therapy session?

Depending on the issue which brings you to therapy, the starting point is often gaining a feeling of trust with your therapist. For therapy to be most effective, you need to know that your issues are being heard and responded to appropriately. The supportive relationship that evolves can often be the foundation for making positive changes for your life today. Frequently, you may seek out therapy for concerns related to anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.

The sessions would then be tailored to meet your specific needs, in collaboration with your therapist. In my practice, I base the course of therapy on mindful awareness, self acceptance, and self responsibility; awareness of the issues which prevent you from feeling in control of your life, acceptance of your strengths and vulnerabilities, and support to work with responsibility on this information. Trusting the therapeutic relationship is an important decision. With the right support and guidance in this present moment, you are already building a brighter future.

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