You may have found yourself here in search of psychotherapy and/or supportive counselling, or you may simply be curious about what I have to say. I am happy to welcome you and hope that within these pages you find value that will encourage you to explore further either within the website or by contacting me for private therapy sessions, or information on group sessions.

The content on this site includes my personal philosophy toward achieving and maintaining positive balance and emotional wellbeing in life, resources for personal reading and/or self help, articles on a variety of topics concerning mindfulness, et cetera.

Knowing that private therapy can be expensive, I feel that the use of good evidence based resources can be an excellent assist for your journey toward emotional balance and well being. I often recommend certain books or articles during the course of therapy which can accelerate progress and save you time and expense. However, in understanding the value of therapy, it is important to recognize that you may be working to change well entrenched patterns that will require skill and effort. The guidance of good therapy helps by bringing your awareness to the areas of need, helping to accept the issues that have blocked or sabotaged your well being, and assisting you to take responsibility for positive action in resolving your difficulties.

Anyone can benefit from therapy, and most ethical therapists have also had some form of psychotherapy to enable us to be more effective and understanding about our own issues and how the process can affect change in ourselves and others.  Knowing that it takes courage to ‘face our fears’ and understanding how best to facilitate this journey, therapy can alter our approach to challenges bringing the rewards of a balanced approach, that can last a life time.

Sherry Holt M.Ed has dedicated her career to issues of emotional well-being for over twenty years. She is past President of the Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada and a Clinical Member of the Canadian Psychological Association. For the past ten years, she has pursued training in mindfulness meditation from a variety of sources, which she now incorporates in her private practice when requested. In years past, she had been a member of the founding faculty of The Centre for Mindfulness Studies, where she had taught mindfulness meditation and cognitive behavioural techniques.  Currently, she is also a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

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